Bailiff/Law Clerk

Kansas City, MO
Full Time
Job #: 2019128
Position Purpose and Examples of Work:
  • Perform job duties and responsibilities and provide legal analysis and support to the Judge or Commissioner to ensure the efficient operation of the Division
  • Perform legal research and analysis and prepare memoranda and orders pertaining to motions, pleadings, summary judgments and legal correspondence
  • Assist and communicate with the Judge or Commissioner and provide facts and law, legal conclusions and recommendations to resolve legal issues in pending cases
  • Check work queues and run statistical reports to determine motions and filings pending in the division
  • Track time limits for filing of responsive pleadings and determine ripeness of issues for Judge or Commissioner’s ruling
  • Enforce attorney and party compliance with the state and local court rules by written or oral communication or court rulings as directed by the judge
  • Upkeep the Division’s legal publications and materials
  • Cross-train job responsibilities and cover for absent Division staff whenever needed
  • Review relevant training resources and court policies as required
  • Inform Judge or Commissioner of case activity and scheduling concerns
  • Perform necessary duties in setting hearings, conferences, reviews, meetings and trials, docketing actions taken by the Judge or Commissioner in pending cases and completing work required to move cases to timely conclusion
  • Contact attorneys to request proposed orders and judgments or supplemental documents
  • Run reports to track new cases assigned to the division and cases without future hearings
  • May include, monitor and maintain security in the courtroom during proceedings
  • Check and confirm electronic equipment in the courtroom is in operating condition and see that necessary repairs and adjustments are made
  • Ensure recording of courtroom proceedings as required, by digital recording or Division court reporter; record appearances of parties and attorneys at hearings
  • Open and close court sessions; administer and take oaths
  • Instruct jurors and monitor juror activities during jury trials and communicate with the Judge regarding any unusual activities or information received from a jury
  • Order meals for jury and pick up food from places that do not deliver
  • Collect information and give information to jurors and contact employer regarding a juror’s service
  • Supervise sequestered juries requiring possible overnight stays and irregular work hours
  • Arrange for interpreter services; make calls to adjust courtroom temperature
  • File documents, make copies, requisition and pick up supplies
  • Run errands for Judge or Commissioner and other Division staff
  • Preserve or scan and complete data entry required for keeping the electronic case record
  • Docket pleadings, orders and judgments received or generated in Division
  • Communicate with attorneys, parties, agency representatives and other Court departments and staff at instruction of the Judge or the Commissioner or other member of Division staff
  • Facilitate in chambers hearings, conferences and meetings and telephone conferences
  • Consult with Judge or Commissioner and the court public information officer concerning media requests

Minimum Education and Experience:
  • Juris Doctorate degree from an accredited law school
  • No experience required
  • Knowledge of principles, practices, methods, techniques of the law
  • Knowledge of business and legal technical English, spelling and punctuation
  • Must be micro-computer literate
  • Computer, telephone, copy machine, fax, courtroom electronic equipment and sound system, automobile, paper and electronic files, legal documents, state Judicial Information System (JIS), e-Filing/e-Bench and Casenet. (Position NOT authorized to carry a firearm.)
  • Ability to communicate ideas and present materials clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others
  • Ability to produce clear, complete and logical reports, letters, memoranda, legal documents, etc.
  • Ability to apply legal principles and specialized knowledge to individual cases and problems
  • Ability to analyze, appraise and organize facts, evidence, and precedents and prepare written recommendations and/or opinions
  • Ability to make work decisions in accordance with laws, regulations, and departmental policies and procedures
  • Ability to deal effectively with the public and to create a helpful atmosphere

Closing Date: 25th July, 2019
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