Law Clerk

Lancaster, PA
Full Time
Job #: 00500677
Job Summary
This is legal research work reviewing briefs and similar legal documents, determining pertinent issues, conducting research into statutes, precedents and other circumstances bearing on such issues, and drafting opinions, orders, adjudications and similar documents. The work is performed directly for and under the supervision of an assigned Judge serving on the Court of Common Pleas.

Reporting Relationships
The Law Clerk resports directly to a Common Pleas Judge.

Essential Job Functions
  • _____% Reviews pretrial briefs and other submissions for completeness; summarized information presented, identifying pertinent issues and other noteworthy elements; conducts research into precedential and related cases, laws and opinions; summarized such findings, including likely outcome based on information available, submits such information to assigned judge; prepares multiple summaries for all judges involved in en banc panel (or argument court) cases.
  • _____% Attends court hearings and trials, observing proceedings and taking notes of arguments, points made, testimony presented and other activities of potential use in reaching decisions; confers with judge when questions of law arise during proceedings; researches such questions so trial or hearing can continue unimpeded; attends pretrial conferences to identify issues raised, points of law to be addressed and any particular circumstances that may arise during trial; anticipates likelihood of such points of law, motions, and other procedural issues and prepares research/opinions necessary to resolve same.
  • _____% Discusses cases with judge, insuring consideration of all salient points raised and related issues of law; expresses opinion and insures understanding of judges viewpoint and intention; drafts opinions and orders for cases, including both civil and criminal, sentencing decisions and related matters; insures proper citation of applicable statutory and precedential guidelines; answers judges question about citations, intent and other elements of such drafts; receives final documents from judge; may edit for style, grammar or other non-legal matters.
  • _____% Performs related work as required

Other Specific Tasks Or Duties
The Law Clerk serves as a liaison between the Court of Common Pleas and the attorney.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Must either be a member of the Bar of Pennsylvania or;
  • Must have received without exception an earned Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor degree from a law school that was an accredited law school at the time of matriculation or graduation.

Knowledge, Skills And Abilities
  • Thorough knowledge of the terminology, procedural forms and documentary practices employed in the judicial system.
  • Thorough knowledge of research methods and techniques, sources, and citations commonly employed in the judicial system.
  • Knowledge of the statutes, regulations, structure and operations of the civil and criminal system as applicable to the Court of Common Pleas.
  • Knowledge of principles, procedures and practices of civil and criminal trials, hearings and related court activities.
  • Ability to analyze legal documents, identify pertinent issues and summarize findings and conclusions.
  • Ability to observe court proceedings and document activities and issues raised.
  • Ability to draft opinions, memoranda, and related legal documents expressing applicable issues, relevant law and precedent, and judicial viewpoints.

Closing Date: 20th February, 2019
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