Temporary Law Clerk

Los Angeles, CA
Job #: A9240D
Filing Information
The filing period will begin on Monday, June 10, 2019 and will remain open until Friday, June 28, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. PST.

Position Information
  • Positions allocable to this class will be used to fill temporary Summer and Post-Bar Law Clerk positions in the District Attorney's Office in the Summer and Fall of 2020, respectively. This position assists in the preparation of a wide variety of criminal cases and conducts hearings and jury trials under the supervision of a Deputy District Attorney. These positions conduct legal research, review legal documents, and organize extensive reports and exhibits to be used in the prosecution of criminal cases.
  • The essential job functions of the Summer and Post-Bar Law Clerks are fundamentally equivalent. Rising second year law students (2L) or third year law students (3L) attending night school will serve as Summer Law Clerks (LC), and rising 3L or fourth year law students (4L) attending night school will serve as Post-Bar LCs in the Fall. Summer LCs are distinguished from Post-Bar LCs by the work expectations related to job performance, knowledge, education, and level of supervision.
  • Summer LCs are expected to have limited knowledge, expertise, and skill; require close supervision and thorough review of their work; and receive an abbreviated training in basic office functions. Post-Bar LCs are expected to perform with a higher-level of knowledge and skill; and require minimal supervision, continued training, and general review of their work. The Post-Bar LC positions provide persons who graduated from law school and are candidates for admission to the State Bar of California, work experience in a legal environment where they gain skills in the practical application of law under the guidance of an Attorney. This practical experience prepares potential candidates for positions of Attorney within the County of Los Angeles.

Essential Job Functions
  • Prepares and conducts preliminary hearings and less complex jury trials, including preparing and arguing related legal motions.
  • Conducts legal research to prepare written reports and assist in drafting various legal documents (e.g., opinions, pleadings, briefs, and points and authorities).
  • Prepares and organizes extensive legal discovery, evidence, and exhibits to be presented at trials, preliminary hearings, or law and motion hearings.
  • Reads, understands, and analyzes legal documents (e.g., courtroom transcripts, pleadings, police reports, expert witness reports, statutory and non-statutory legal motions, affidavits, arrest and search warrants, court orders, statutes, appellate case law, and jury instructions) related to criminal prosecution.
  • Communicates with witnesses, defendants, law enforcement, investigators, attorneys, and other interested parties regarding cases. Instructs witnesses on courtroom procedures and appropriate protocol.
  • Prepares computer-based presentations for use by the prosecution in court proceedings.
  • Transcribes digital recordings such as CDs, tapes, etc.

Selection Requirements:
  • Current enrollment and successful completion of one full year in an approved* or accredited** law school -OR- Current enrollment in a law school and successful completion of the State Bar of California First Year Law Student's Examination -AND- be eligible*** for certification through the California State Bar Practical Training of Law Students (PTLS) program at the time of appointment.

Closing Date: 28th June, 2019
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